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Hi, I'm Mélina — a designer focused on bringing meaningful and engaging ideas to life. My work supports quality brands through a thoughtful balance of design and strategy.

This is some of my work ↓


N26 Smart Tier

N26 Smart is a premium membership bank account that comes with a colourful debit card and intelligent money management tools. With the creation of this new tier, setting it apart visually from the existing tiers was essential. Our creative team represented the ability to spend and save with confidence using carefully selected typeface and imagery.

Concept, Design & Art direction - Mélina Labrosse
Concept, Design & Art direction- Greer Chapman
3D Rendering- Eric Linn 

Month of M Social Campaign

We turned the November 2021 into the Month of N, unveiling a new N-themed activation every day across our European social, content, and CRM channels. Over 26 days, we celebrated November birthdays, crowdsourced the ultimate Nineties playlist, created an augmented reality N26 necklace, launched our own Not Naked capsule collection, and gave away loads of nice prizes, including an all-expenses-paid trip to any place on earth starting with the letter N. The campaign exceeded all of our objectives and trended on Twitter twice.

+123% social engagement
+84% monthly active N26 app users
+173% in-app engagement

Awarded silver at the Deutscher Digital Awards 2022 in Social/Dialog and Digital Advertising CampaignsAwarded Bronze for Social Media at the New York Festivals Advertising Awards

Kai Heuser - Executive Creative Director

Christopher Poots - Creative Director
Pierre du Plessis - Associate Creative Director
Jessica Phelan - Senior Copywriter
Lee Chapdaniel - Senior Designer

Robson Tan - Senior Designer
Mélina Labrosse - Designer

Sergi Ros - Motion Designer
Chieh Lee - Motion Designer


N26 x Headspace Partnership

In order to promote an exciting partnership with Headspace - we created assets that were representative of both distinct brands.

Concept & design- Mélina Labrosse
Motion Design - Paula Alvarez
Art Direction - Ruben Martinez 


Lara Cardoso 

Lara Cardoso specializes in social media strategy, community management, and content creation for conscientious lifestyle brands. The hand-lettered logo is inspired by organic shapes and links her initials. The abstract pattern started out as a watercolour painting which was then digitized and adapted to complement the logo. While working closely with Lara, we ensured that the branding is elegant, versatile, and highly personalized.

Brand Identity - Mélina Labrosse


N26 Standard Tier

N26’s region-specific ‘Standard’ tier packaging stating ‘Welcome’ no longer worked for long-standing customers receiving replacement cards. While keeping the original format, the new strategic design and copy allows it to be used in all markets. This dramatically reduced waste and logistical errors when ordering and fulfilling the cards. Additionally, we reduced the amount of ink used and selected a more responsibly sourced paper. A QR code created an opportunity to better explain card activation and allows for marketing opportunities.

Packaging design - Mélina Labrosse

Copywriting - Jade Bae 


N26 Virtual Cards Product Launch

For the launch of the new Virtual cards feature, we created assets that showcase the added control that having a separate physical and digital card allows. 

Concept & Design  - Mélina Labrosse
Art Direction - Ruben Martinez 
Copywriting - Pierre du Plessis
Executive Creative Direction - Kai Heuser 

N26 France Summer Campaign

The N26 France team wanted to create a social campaign celebrating summer and all of its perks. Through images, type, colour selection, and motion, we were able to create enthusiastic and optimistic assets. 

Concept, design & art direction - Mélina Labrosse
Motion Design - Guilherme Maueler 


Antidote Zine

From conception to completion, Antidote was completed as part of my undergraduate capstone project. Antidote is a Canadian zine that focuses on the conscious consumerism of fashion. It aims to raise awareness and educate consumers on the impacts of their garments on the purchasing, post-purchasing, and disposal level.

Concept, design, writing, & art direction - Mélina Labrosse

Selection of projects completed within the Creative Studio at N26

Manage your budget like a pro

Manage your budget like a pro

Play Video
Get paid up to 2 days early

Get paid up to 2 days early

Play Video
How to put money aside

How to put money aside

Play Video
Withdraw money with CASH26 - this is how it works!

Withdraw money with CASH26 - this is how it works!

Play Video
Play Video
Play Video
Play Video

N26 Testimonials

Having a digital-only product, N26 wanted to show relatable ways that its product is part of users' day to day lives.

Concept, design & art direction - Mélina Labrosse
Art Direction - Christopher Poots 
Executive Creative Direction - Doug Perkul 


Bespoke Billy


Bespoke Billy is an at-home hair salon in Ottawa. The owner’s personality and the aesthetic of his home were integral to this personal branding. The colour pallet is present in the owner’s home and helps tie the physical space to the online branding. 

Brand identity - Mélina Labrosse


N26 x Hespebay

The N26 France team wanted to create a special label for the ‘Batignolle’ beer from the Hespebay brewery in Paris to give to loyal partners. Having only the ability to work with teal and white due to the brewery’s printing process, this beer label design was a great exercise in finding ways to create impact and brand recognition with minimal elements. 

Brand Design & Illustration - Mélina Labrosse



Reconsidered is a boutique social impact consultancy. They help develop social responsibility strategies, communications and community. I worked with Reconsidered to elevate their branding across multiple platforms, define their brand guidelines, and designing promotional and supporting materials.

Brand Design  - Mélina Labrosse

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